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Learn Git the easy way.

Git the easy way. is a collection of high-quality learning resources. Whether you're on day 1 or day 1000 of your programming career, you use Git everyday. Investing in your skills pays for itself. is a collection of high-quality learning resources. You use Git everyday. Investing in your skills pays for itself.

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Videos & Animation

Git is easy to understand when you can visualize what's happening under the hood. At the core of is an extensive library of video tutorials that pair motion graphics with live coding. You'll grasp Git topics effortlessly - even highly complex ones.

    Fundamentals of Git is built around the idea of learning tracks. These structured learning paths break information into digestible modules focused around the most common Git use-cases. Git shouldn't stand in the way of creating great software: with you get the information you need in the moment, but can build on your knowledge as needed.

      Interactive Docs

      Extensive documentation covering hundreds of Git concepts. Each article is embedded with visual cheatsheets, contextual hints, video, graphics and more. Instead of wasting time hunting for that perfect tutorial, will be your trusty go-to resource.

        And So Much More! aims to set the gold standard for Git education. It isn't just a course. It contains a powerful search engine, visualization tools, conflict remediation helpers and more. Along the way, you'll find little things that make a pleasure to use: dark mode, anyone?


 is a custom built web application for learning and mastering Git. It's a courseware tool, search engine, video player, and visualizer all in one. Join the waitlist newsletter (above) for exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at as it moves through the development process.

          No! I created to be a great starting point for anyone from beginner to intermediate. Since the learning materials are command-line based, you'll benefit from a basic competency in this area, such as navigating the filesystem via the command-line and executing commands; however, most professional software engineering roles will require command-line Git competency so your effort will be worth it.

          Many learning resources offered on sites like Coursera, Udemy, CodeAcademy, etc. are simply one-off courses that you take then move on. Information is locked within lessons, and the software platforms are courseware tools that aren't convenient for later reference. was designed to be a daily companion to support ongoing Git questions that come up in your daily work. will have a comprehensive Git course; however, all videos and information presented within that course (plus a lot more) are surfaced through our search engine and video archives. Plus, will have many more bespoke features for learning Git outside coursework. Why pay for just another 1-dimensional Git course that you take once and discard, when you can get and use it forever?

 will be a paid service; however, you will be able to purchase a license in full without recurring subscription fees. You'll have lifetime access to the materials, and as I make improvements to the learning materials and tools, you get all that for free. I may give folks an option to pay monthly for a lower upfront cost; however, there will always be a one-time price.

          I am planning on offering a trial membership where you'll be able to unlock a small portion of content for free; however, this depends on the capabilities of my payment/authorization provider. If I'm not able to offer a tree trial, you can always get a taste of what to expect from my YouTube channel: The Modern Coder.

          After polling my audience, Hindi was the top requested language. I plan on scoping out professional translation after launch; however, I can't commit to an exact timeline.

          The Modern Coder is the name of my developer blog and YouTube channel I started back in 2018. Though is a separate entity and functionally distinct from these, I consider The Modern Coder in many ways to be my online brand. I may drop this wording as gains traction in its own right.

          Great, I'd love to hear your idea! Use the "Feature Request" link in the footer, or email, to send along your thoughts.

          I'm very interested in feedback! Email me at if you have any suggestions or questions.